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Electrophoresis Power Supplies

   Automatic cross-over: when the output reaches a pre-set limit, the instrument will automatically switch to the limiting mode, while a signal in the display shows the parameter being held constant
   Two large 4 digit high efficiency LED displays allow users to read all parameters of each out-put individually
   The desired parameters are shown by pressing the arrows during a run
   A dual set of safety output terminals allows a simultaneous run of two experiments

  Eleven models to choose from

This range of high voltage power supplies meets all modern requirements for electrophoresis and keeps costs lower than ever before. There are eleven models to choose from, all of which have equal features and the same design.

  Programmable step function

Up to 40 different sets of frequently used parameters can be stored in the non-volatile memory for future recall. Simply select the corresponding program number and press RUN. Each program is able to recall any other program, providing a flexible multiple step function for special techniques.

  Timer & volt - hour integrator

Timer or volt-hour-controlled operation is a useful standard feature on all models. The microcomputer will automatically terminate the run and sound an alarm when the count down of the selected value is achieved, or go on with another set of parameters, when the running pro-gram recalls the next one.

  Temperature control

An optional temperature probe can be connected to all 3000 & 6000 V models, allowing an automatic temperature control during electrophoresis.

  Automatic recovery after power faliure

Possible dropouts of the mains have no influence as the instrument will automatically continue the run for the remaining time or volt-hours.

  Separate displays for each output

Each output has its own LED readout allowing to monitor all parameters for each output separately (not on model E862). A special function automatically alternates the display between all parameters at a 4-second interval.

  Automatic cross-over

Each model has constant voltage, constant current and constant power capabilities with automatic cross-over Special limit controls indicate which parameter is keep constant.

  User protection

The user is protected from potential shock hazard since the AC line is automatically disconnected from the high voltage transformer when a ground leakage path is detected. The instrument is fully protected against any overload condition including accidental short circuit of the output The high voltage cannot suddenly appear at the outputs. It will always increase smoothly up to one of the pre-set limits is reached.