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   Even heat distribution via an 800 Watt heating membrane
   Dries large sequencing gels in as little as 30 minutes
   Dries multiple small format gels quickly
   A dual set of safety output terminals allows a simultaneous run of two experiments
  Accurate temperature control up to 90C
  5 hour Timer for heating element
  5 hour Timer for vacuum pump
  Clear cover for viewing of the drying process

Two versatile vacuum gel dryers, which can accommodate any size of gel up to 33 x 44 cm or 50 x 40 cm, are offered. Multiple small format gels can be dried at the same time. The units have two timers, one for the temperature and one for the vacuum pump. The drying temperature can be set between ambient and 90C and regulated to +2C and the drying time set up to 5 hours in 1 minute steps. The vacuum pump can also be timed to automatically switch off, any time up to 5 hours in 1 minute steps.

The units are extremely robust in their construction. The base is of cast aluminium coated in Teflon for protection and to assist with the even distribution of heat. The user friendly control panel is constructed from stainless steel. Although solidly built these units are extremely light for easy transportation.