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The POLAROID camera is a low budget portable photodocumention system for laboratories without darkroom facilities. This camera assembly offers quality visualisation and documentation at an economical price. It is easy to use and requires only minimal photography experience Different sizes of lenses and adaptors allow to take close-up shots at 1/1 or l/2 reduction.



Eliminate the high cost of expensive still camera film! PhotoDOC-IT Link is designed for the easiest, lowest cost and highest quality digital imaging of DNA, RNA and protein gels. View and capture images using a PhotoDOC-IT System. Document the gel images with an optional high quality thermal printer. PhotoDOC-IT major components include:


Space saving, darkroom with overhead white light and fiall access door

Digital CCD camera, 8-48mm zoom lens, W filter

Benchtop M-20 UV transilluminator with 20x20cm filter format, 302nm UV and Hi/Lo intensity

Monochrome high resolution monitor

PhotoDOC-ITTM- Link System

is designed for simple documentation of ethidium bromide gels with the ability to download images to a computer (imaging of protein, coomassic blue and silver stained gels require WP's new W/white light converter plate). In addition to the equipment above, PhotoDOC-ITTM Link includes image acquisition software, the integrating DOC-ITTM Link processing unit and touch pad control for up to four seconds integration and a data port for downloading images to a computer.

UV to White Converter Plate (patented)

is designed to convert UV to white light for viewing protein gels, coomassic blue stained or silver stained media. Visi-Blue Plate converts 302nm to 480nm blue light for SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange and GFP stains. Both plates cover either 21x26 cm or 20x40 cm.

Thermal Printer

 for use with UVP's PhotoDOC-IT Link system provides archive quality, 256 gray scale thermal prints in about four seconds.

And Scanners having Optical Density upto 3.7 and Autochrome Thermal Colour Photo Printers





1D, PCR, 2D, DNA, 1D & graphics, quantify & MW report, Fingerprint & % similarity, Compare 1D lane to another & differential.

Dendrogram-clustering, peakfit & quantify impurity, distorted, un-distorted, PCR-RFLP, annotate, colony count & particle sizing.

Dots-ELISA, 2Ds quantify -compare & read MW-IEP, adjustible overlay, annotate, metaphase, Karyotyping, FISH 3 probes & Cytogenetics.


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00PM10 1D main program

1D Main (One-dimensional) program:
For electrophoresis & TLC. Quantify (1D, 2D, PCR, RFLP, DNA, & TLC).Read MW, Compare, Overlay, fingerprint, % similarity, 2D analysis, user-defined report, comparison report, image analysis, send, annotate,. Undistort, globalbackground correction, brightness-contrast, color palette. Windows or Mac.


1D advanced program

1D Advanced & Dendrograms + 1D main programs:

Compare many lanes, add, subtract, average, differential maps, graphs,& tables. Comparison table. Dynamic overlay of 1D, 2D, DNA images.Dendrogram analysis: User-independent, wild card, Genes & proteinsfingerprinting, % similarity, gel matching. Windows or Mac.


2D advanced program

2D Main & Advanced (Two-Dimensional) program:
Quantify few or all spots, Read MW & IEP. Compare 2 or many gels, add,subtract, average, differential map, differential quantitation,, overlay, un-distort, differential map & report, dynamicoverlay of maps, & gene expression. Windows or Mac.



RFLP, PCR, RAPD Program. Quantify, Reads MW, comparison report of all peaks in all lanes,dendrogram analysis, gel match & % similarity. Process negative or positive image,None-linear backgrround correction, Brightness-contrast.



IA-MD-I Color image analysis, multiprobe quantitation, In-Situ Hybridization and microscopy documentation and analysis. 10 minute self learning. Optimize image brightness, contrast, gamma correction, color tune.


Color-B/W Image analysis & Cyto

Color-B/W image analysis & Cytogenetics program: Mulktiscan-IP program, color & monochrome that does morphology, quantify areas, measure lengths,logical operation, object separation, statistical processing, labeling, filtering, calibration, and manual measurements of horizontal, vertical, segment distances, relative origin, radius, broken line, curve length, angularsegments. list No charge.


Colcny counting & Particle Sizing program

Colony counting program with background correction, automatic or manual, User-defined sorting dark, faint, or translucent,size, area, perimeter, circularity, For microbial and tissue culture, cell count, Ames test.


00PMDNA Read DNA Sequence

DNA Sequence Reading Program: Un-distort, automatic-manual sequence reading, read complement, gel match, sequence search, complement, Fingerprinting.


DotBlots-ELISA program

Dots-ELISA (Microtiterplate) Program:

Read standard 96 wels, part of, or 432. Images acquired by any scanner. Automaticor manual of straight or tilted image. Standard curve., % confidence.