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The CE-440: Ideal For Any Lab, Any Sample, Any Time.

Whether you are analyzing organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, fuels or oils, petrochemicals, refractories or polymers determining the Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur content is one of your lab's most basic and essential needs. So is the need for dependable results and maximum throughput. This is why you want the C - 440 Elemental Analyzer.

The CE-440 uses a thermal conductivity detection method for measuring carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen after combustion and reduction. This method gives rapid and highly accurate measurements over a very wide range of elemental compositions, with most measurements completed in less than 5 minutes. Combine that with the CE-440's 64-sample carousel and you will achieve peak throughput. The CE-440's advanced Windows-based software, with data storage, statistical analysis, flexible report generation and continuous diagnostic and automatic maintenance alerts, controls and monitors all instrument functions. This simplifies operation for consistent operator-to-operator results, no matter what sample types you analyze. Plus, due to its low gas and reagent consumption, the CE-440 offers the lowest cost per sample in the industry.

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  Accuracy and Precision

The CE-440 provides analytical data of unsurpassed accuracy and precision. The complete control of combustion parameters combined with continuous measurement of the steady state combustion process ensures a level of accuracy and precision that cannot be matched.


With its unique combination of both static and dynamic combustion, the CE-440 can analyze the widest range of sample types of any CHN/O/S instrument. Our unique horizontal furnace allows for automatic removal of the residue from each sample after analysis, avoiding residue accumulation, memory effects and gas flow problems, which can occur with vertical furnace systems.


The CE-440 is a fully automated CHN/O/S elemental analyzer. The Windows based software has been designed to reduce operator error through extensive automation, customer help, and diagnostic facilities. Using the technique of continuous measurement of the steady state combustion process, the CE-440 is inherently more reliable than gas chromatographic systems which are dependent on flow rate, column temperature, and dead-volume management.

Continuous diagnostics and automatic maintenance alerts make operation almost fool-proof. By monitoring signals, voltages, and sample throughput, the instrument provides continuous status reports on consumable reagents as well as diagnostic alerts should a problem occur. Most parts are user-replaceable, further reducing service costs and downtime.

  Ideal For VolahRes To Refractors And Everything In Between.

With its wide linear range, combined static/dynamic combustion and unique horizontal furnace design allowing for the removal of sample residue between runs, the CE-440 is capable of analyzing the widest range of sample types-quickly, easily and reliably. Typical applications include:

  Organics and Pharmaceuticals

The CE-440 can analyze virtually any class of organics, including organometallics, heterocyclic nitrogen derivatives, steroids, polynuclear ammatics and organophosphonus.


Determine the presence of fuels, oils, and their by products in the environment, or study the composition of material retained by membranes used in oceanographic research, water filtration and air monitoring.


The CE-440 provides a fast, direct method for determining elemental composition of polymers, copolymers, and blends. Even samples with high levels of halogens, like PVC or Teflons can be analyzed rapidly and accurately.


Nitrides, graphite fibers, and ceramics can be analyzed-even carbides with melting points over 2000C.

  Volatile/Air Sensitive Samples

Volatile and air sensitive materials are easily analyzed with the aid of our capsule sealing device.

  Other Application Areas

Plastics, petrochemicals, agriculture, food, and pyrotechnical compounds.

  Sample Handling

For most samples, the CE-440 requires no special preparation. The sample is placed into a capsule, which is then weighed. If you only run a few samples at a time, our Single Sample Automation will let you manually intro-duce a sample for analysis. Once completed you have the ability to re-weigh for ash if needed.

For higher sample loads, our automatic sample changer allows you to run up to 64 samples without operator intervention. Our unique double drop feature allows for the analysis of samples up to 500 mg in size.

For liquid samples our Capsule Sealer ensures sample integrity by closing the capsules with a cold weld aig Analyzing volatiles such as gasoline becomes routine.

Our Refractory Materials Kit (not shown) contains fluxes and special sleeves for the combustion of difficult samples requiring extreme conditions for extracting carbon and nitrogen.

Exeter Analytical, Inc. is a company with a rich heritage of specializing in the manufacture of elemental analyzers for a wide range of research, industrial and academic applications. Our customers include some of the largest companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and agriculture.

Our CHN/O/S application laboratory stands ready to assist you in getting the best results on your samples. Our experienced and knowledgeable applications chemists and engineering staff are always available to provide in-depth support and consultation on any CE-440 application.


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